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A Visit to Nashville's Urban Cowboy

Completely overdue sharing these images, but I had the pleasure of photographing the digs over at Urban Cowboy’s Nashville location this past summer. With each room more beautifully curated than the last, I can’t tell you how much I was drooling over this place! A bathtub in every room, every instrument known to man hanging on the walls(not that I can play any of them), I was in cowboy HEAVEN. It took everything in me not to pocket the turquoise jewelry and make a run for it! :P

Kelsey Rose
Williamsburg's Modern Laundry Co. Celsious shot for Loeffler Randall

Why no one has thought of this sooner, I will never know. Celsious Laundry located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a literal dream - laundry or no laundry - complete with a coffee shop, ice cream stand, aesthetically-pleasing electric yellow accents and weekly events. Loved getting to know co-founders and sisters, Theresa and Corinna Williams, while shooting for Loeffler Randall’s blog, found here.

Kelsey Rose