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#WHYNYC no.02: Alexandra Collins, 24, Director/Screenwriter/Actress

Name: Alexandria Collins
Age: 24
Occupation: Film Director, Screenwriter, Actress + a bunch of other things
Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
How many years have you been living in the city? About 2.5!

"In my dream world I'll always be able to call NYC home but travel often for work and leisure."

Why did you decide to move here?
I decided to move here to professionally pursue a career in the film industry.. And that's what I've been doing.

Do you see NYC as a destination or a 'stepping stone'?
I see it as both actually. In my dream world I'll always be able to call NYC home but travel often for work and leisure. This place has so much to offer that I'd hate to leave it behind for something else although I am interested in exploring life in other places on a deeper level. 

How do you believe the city has influenced you as a person? As a creative?
am constantly being inspired by the city. By observing how it moves and also in how I interact with it. I have so many amazing people that influence my creativity and also getting out of the city and exploring Connecticut and Maine with friends has been helpful. I've grown all around by moving to New York. Especially since I moved here at the age of 22, a lot of transformation has occurred. 

What's something your time in NYC has taught you that you don't believe you could learn in any other city?
That I am stronger than I thought. I grew up pretty sheltered in Florida and have had many intense, crazy, beautiful and challenging experiences here. I don't think they'd happen in the same way or I'd learn the same lessons if I had them anywhere else. 

Describe NYC in 5 words: Home, Heart, Speed, Passion, Intensity. 

X Alex

Kelsey Rose